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Every product and service provided by Private Eye Pest Control takes into account every variable from infants, children and pets on site, to environmental concerns that may be near your area.  Health and Safety knowledge with care in application can omit the risk of concern.  If the application requires commercial pesticides (insecticides, rodenticides, repellents, fungicides, etc.) all potential risks are clearly explained beforehand.  Any and all products provided are used under strict definition of their manufacturer and under the guidelines of the the Pest Control Products Act.  The "Label is the Law' and under this official statement all regulations and practices must be adhered to.

  With any pest concern there can be a variety of options.  Whenever possible Private Eye Pest Control will make recommendations for a 'Green First' approach.  An Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program can help focus on other alternatives to your situation while minimizing the use of pesticides in the environment by applying only as a last option.  Environmental solutions, structural maintenance, interior and exterior cleaning and sanitation, mechanical devices and other pro active solutions can help limit the pressure of pest activity before the use of pesticides.

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