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Browse from a wide range of options for your needs.  Listed are some of the most common services that Private Eye Pest Control offers.  Remember, any service or program type can be customized for your unique situation.  If you can't find your concern listed or are unsure of how to approach your issue contact us today for your free consultation.


BED BUG SERVICE - No job is too big!  Discreet service providing an initial two week program with 90 Days of Guarantee* from your initial day of service.  You will be engaged and educated along the way with any questions answered with complete transparency.  At times the process can be stressful for the occupant(s) but at Private Eye Pest Control we have the expertise and patience to readily handle any situation.  As with anything in life communication is key!


  • MULTI-UNIT DWELLINGS (Apartment, Condo, Duplex, etc) are eligible for a bulk discountContact Us today for more information and schedule your free consultation


BED BUG INSPECTION PROGRAM (Hotel and Multi-Unit Dwellings)In most circumstances this program is setup for a once per month visit to inspect 10% of the available inventory on site.  Due to these industries seeing consistent turnover with guest clientele the risk of a bed bug transfer is very real.  Rotating the room inspections based on availability every month gets you ahead of the game when trying to identify potential infestations throughout your facility.  A Bed Bug Inspection Program can identify an issue before a guest does.  This can save negative feedback and keep your brand shining!  Contact Us today for your free quote!  Clients who sign up for a Bed Bug Inspection Program are eligible for Bed Bug Service discounts.


COCKROACH SERVICE - Getting ahead of this situation is the key to elimination!  Early identification can lead to a prompt control.  The health risk with cockroach infestations is staggering due to the environments they live in and the diet they keep, which is almost anything (sugary and starchy items are the fave though!).  Breeding is consistent in most conditions so cleanliness is of the utmost importance.

  • MULTI-UNIT DWELLINGS (Apartment, Condo, Duplex, etc) are eligible for a bulk discountContact Us today for more information and schedule your free consultation 

MOUSE SERVICE - A customized solution for your rodent needs!  Residential and Commercial one-time or scheduled services available.  Including a comprehensive inspection report listing structural, environmental or other concerns to help assist in the control and exclusion of your unwanted guests.  An established mouse issue can promote health and structural concerns on your property, call today to set up your free consultation.


    • Exterior and Interior Inspection with recommendations and notes regarding the issue

    • One-Time Service to assist the property owner (a setup of Mechanical Catch Devices, Commercial Baits, Monitors, etc.)

    • Exterior Bait Programs around the perimeter of the premises as a first line of defense.  This offers a physical account of activity as well as frequency.  Very appropriate gauge as environmental factors change

    • Interior Pest Management for your facility.  A combination of Multi-Catch Devices and monitors usually checked once per month (or more, depending on the industry) to ensure proper monitoring and control of your grounds 

EXTERIOR PERIMETER SPRAY - One of our most popular Seasonal (Spring to Fall) Controls for occasional invaders found around your property.  Many different insects can be a nuisance as they make their way to harbor for security or winter-over on the grounds.  Get some relief today and help control the situation by decreasing numbers of the pest and help break any reproduction cycles.  A comprehensive inspection report is included with service and can offer support in recommending the elimination of contributing factors.  Perfect for the home or office, call today to book your service.


INTERIOR PERIMETER SPRAY - The same as the EXTERIOR PERIMETER SPRAY except this is one of our most popular All Season Controls for occasional invaders found around your property.  Perfect for the home or office, call today to book your service.


WASP / BEE SERVICE - Enjoying Summer can be difficult if Wasps or Bees have established a colony on site.  Whether it is a classic hanging nest, a ground nest or a deficiency on the grounds offering security Private Eye Pest Control has the tools and products to eliminate the issue.  With 90 Days of Guarantee* with this service it is the ideal control for you!  Perfect for the home or office, call today to book your service.


GENERAL EXTERIOR INSPECTION - Information is knowledge!  Whether you are handling a concern on your own and would appreciate a second opinion or would like an assessment of your current situation Private Eye Pest Control offers a detailed inspection report to help assist in identifying contributing factors such as environmental, structural or other in helping to provide a control solution.


  • Perfect for the Home Owner looking to be pro-active in assessing their property before a pest concern can be established

BIRD CONTROL -  A variety of means can be used in discouraging your nuisance bird issue.  Depending on the pest species, controls ranging from spiking, exclusion, audible predator beacons, optical flash devices, light baiting and live capture can all assist in limiting the pressure birds can have on your grounds.  Environmental variables can have a huge impact on how birds affect your property too.  Call today for your free consultation to assess your options.

  • DID YOU KNOW?  Private Eye Pest Control offers clean up and sanitation services for nuisance bird droppings and debris.  In quantity bird fecal matter can pose a severe health risk.  Let us handle your toughest clean up job today!  Contact Us to book your service.

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