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wasp control service exterminator regina area
wasp control service exterminator regina area
bee control service exterminator regina area
bee control service exterminator regina area

Signs of Wasp or Bee activity

1)  SEEING THE INSECTS:  The most obvious sign is seeing the actual specimens.  This can happen slowly over time or be an all out assault over a couple of days depending on the circumstances and environment.

How did this happen?

As with anything in nature most organisms have a purpose.  With bees and wasps their day to day activities can be beneficial to the environment and even to our own existence (more so with bees)!  From pollinating local flowers and crops to eliminating other insects they indeed serve a desirable purpose.  In gathering numbers though on site around your home or business may not be desirable and cause issue.  As a nuisance due to the scavenging nature of the pest they can become overwhelming.  Most service calls for the flying insects are with the wasp.  At times the aggressive nature can make being outdoors indeed an adventure.  Private Eye Pest Control has the necessary expertise to handle all nest types from ground, hanging or interior structure build to offer you security and peace of mind. 



  • Remove all clutter and garbage from the exterior of your home or business

  • Ensure all recepticals for garbage and recyclables have properly working lids.  Make certain to rinse residuals from any recycling container

  • Keep the exterior of the grounds free of debris.  Maintaining foliage and lawns, as well as keeping any landscaping or other outside elements in order will help aid in not welcoming pests to harbor

  • Areas of high activity or harborage can be signs of another issue.  Structural deficiencies may be evident like cracks or gaps in a foundation/threshold, leaking or old infrastructure like pipes or seals may be compromised

  • Inspect your home often.  This doesn't mean daily but seasonal would be a good start.  Catching any compromise to your home or business is a pro active measure to ensure you can be ahead of a potential pest breach before it can be established

  • Book your service with Private Eye Pest Control today and let us take care of your issue prompt and professionally!

What else do I need to know?

  • Protocol and Responsibility - Preparation sheets are available and are the protocol used in getting ready for your pest control service.  Completion of all steps are important to ensure proper and adequate coverage so the product application can be at its most effective.  Communication and monitoring is key as well.  Now that you know you have a concern you will be armed with a wealth of knowledge to make the coming days easier as we work together towards your control

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